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Andrew Kingston-Splatt LLB, the Principal of Andrew Kingston & Co., Solicitors, has practiced as a Solicitor in Hull since December 1978

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Ground Floor, Lowgate House, Lowgate,
Hull HU1 1EL
East Yorkshire GB
Tel (01482) 216217
Fax (01482) 216218


With employment law ever changing and increasingly complex, failure to obtain the correct legal advice will almost inevitably result in serious and expensive consequences.

At Andrew Kingston & Co., we offer a wide range of contentious and non-contentious employment law services, to both businesses and individuals, including advice relating to:

Unfair dismissal.

Wrongful dismissal.


Settlement agreements.

Employment Tribunal representation.


Maternity, paternity and adoption rights.

Redundancy and restructuring.

Staff handbooks, employment contracts, policies & procedures.


Our clients can expect a pragmatic and commercial approach, giving you the advice you need.

For individual clients, we offer a free initial 30 minute appointment, to advise on your options both as to how to deal with whatever problem you face, and the costs and possible funding arrangements to take the case forward.

Our charges, in relation to any work which it is agreed we will do for you on the basis of an hourly rate, will be charged at the standard hourly sum shown on the Charges page of this site. We may also be able to offer individual clients funding arrangements based on a share of the damages awarded (often called "no win - no fee" or, to use its proper name, a "contingency fee"). This can only be done after a full review of the circumstances of the client and the case, and discussing any other funding options which may be available. For example, many people have insurance cover for legal costs, perhaps without realising that they do. It is added on to many insurance policies, such as household or car insurance. If you think you may have such cover, please bring the insurance policy with you, when you come to see us.